You are currently viewing WG Keynote Vol. 1: Dr. Simon Pfister on Green Ethiopia

WG Keynote Vol. 1: Dr. Simon Pfister on Green Ethiopia

On October 10, 2019 we introduced a new format for our keynotes: for the first time we hosted the event in a shared flat in St. Gallen. Our guest speaker was Dr. Simon Pfister, co-founder of the Green Ethiopia Foundation.  

The event was a huge success, and the limited spots were filled up quickly, showing the interest from students in the format and in the topic of the keynote. During the evening, students had the possibility to hear the incredible story of our guest and asked several questions. He discussed the challenges and opportunities of impact projects in Africa. The focus was, in particular, on project Dr. Pfister carried on for almost 20 years for combating local poverty through reforestation. 

We would like to thank the participants and all the students that showed interest in the event. The new format revealed to be very engaging and we were already looking forward to the next WG Keynotes! 

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