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Closing the Infrastructure Gap – via Impact Investing

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Closing the existing Infrastructure Gap is an extremely important topic for Emerging Markets. Infrastructure, indeed, can be an enormous economic multiplier, and it is worth it to analyse it from several angles. Therefore, it was a very insightful experience to have Ulrich Hinterberger as a guest speaker for our Expert Insight Session on November 18, 2019.  

Ulrich Hinterberger is an Infrastructure and Energy Project Manager at Symbiotics SA, which is the leading market access platform for impact investments, with a total value of USD 5,500 billion in more than 4,000 Impact loans across 84 developing and emerging countries. He discussed the implementation and investment in infrastructure projects in emerging and frontier markets. Impact investments are in fact executed in developing and emerging countries to micro and small enterprises, that otherwise have no access to debt capital. Therefore, they are crucial for economic development through infrastructure creation. Mr. Hinterberger talked in particular about trends in impact investment, current projects and the risks of C&I Solar.  

The session was very enjoyable and informative, allowing us to understand more about impact investing, its importance for economic development and all the variables involved when operating for this kind of projects in emerging markets.