The Emerging Markets Club is an official club at the University of St.Gallen, founded in 2016 by two master students wanting to offer a platform for their fellow students who are interested in the Emerging Markets.


We define emerging markets as markets exhibiting accelerated economic growth and an increase in importance for investors, companies and politics on a global scale. Moreover, this development is often accompanied by socio-demographic changes and a rapid improvement of living standards. Emerging markets are the markets of the future.


Our Board ist comprised of highly motivated and ambitious students from the university. Our vision is to empower interested students to cope with the increasing relevance of emerging markets and their unique challenges, opportunities and potential. Our goal is to create awareness of the emerging markets by providing a platform to develop a skillset, acquire knowledge and gain access to emerging markets.

Nina Hehlen


Master in International Management (CEMS) & Business Innovation

Irina Schreiber

Vice President

Master in Business Management

Olivia Bruhin


Master in Business Innovation

Isabella Maassen

Member Relations & Marketing

Master in Economics